This February, help us celebrate Becca Roth, Meredith Tyma and Melina Marini and their upcoming project "Hear Our Stories: A Documentary About Love and Equality."

Hear Our Stories will explore the personal motivations of each side in this political battle surrounding an upcoming ballot initiative to outlaw same sex unions in North Carolina.

This is a story that needs to be told.

Learn how you can contribute here and join us Friday, March 2nd, at Two Moon for a fundraising party.

Becca Roth grew up in Montclair, New Jersey, and graduated from Kenyon College in 2010 with a B.A. in Drama. Last year she wrote and directed her first independent film, Rain in Summer, which premiered at Two Moon and is currently being screened at festivals. Hear Our Stories is her first independent documentary and her first feature-length project. When she’s not making movies, Becca enjoys wearing flip flops in the rain, steaming artichokes, and collecting discarded clothing from peoples’ stoops. Find out more at beccaroth.com

Meredith Tyma devotes her time to all facets of media in New York, from film and international broadcast studio coordination to event and brand promotion. A proud native of Pittsburgh, she obtained a BA in Anthropology at Kenyon College, where she met Becca. She now lives in Manhattan and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Melina Marini is new to the documentary scene. She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College with a degree in music. She has produced concerts and shows for her New York musical groups and college ensembles. She also worked on Ms. Roth’s film Rain in Summer as location scout. She is excited to tackle a larger role in a new state. North Carolina, look out!

Artist Statement

Hear Our Stories

This is a film about love and humanity. In North Carolina, there is a proposed constitutional amendment that will outlaw all same-sex unions. My girlfriend and I plan to move down there to explore how this proposed amendment is affecting the people of the state in the two months leading up to the vote in May. We will get to know a variety of families, church leaders, members of organizations, and individuals who will be affected by this in some way or another, or who simply have an opinion on it. While we ourselves definitely have our own feelings towards the issue, the film will attempt to understand the reasoning behind all sides, in order to start a conversation and understand each other on a human level, rather than painting one side as the three dimensional heroes and the other side as the two dimensional villains. The film is not just targeted towards people who already support same sex marriage and need more reason to support it. We’re not trying to preach to the choir; we’re trying to get people to listen to each other. We believe that respectful communication is the only way to make change.

Before we go to North Carolina, we’ll be shooting for the next month here in New York, where same sex marriage was made legal this summer. If anyone wants to talk to us or be interviewed, I’m interested in talking to everyone (gay, straight, single, married, etc.)

As of right now, the film is self-funded. We are very passionate about the film and we’re going ahead with it regardless of what grants we may or may not receive, so every contribution helps. For more information, or if you want to participate in this film, email: Becca@edgefilmproduction.com

— Becca Roth, Two Moon Artist in Residence